Tea Party Anniversary!

Friday, February 19, 2010
By Felicia Cravens

Celebrate the Tea Party Anniversary with us!

Join us as we celebrate the one year anniversary of Tea Party in Houston! We’ll take a look back, a look forward, hold a convention resolution workshop, and enjoy a celebration of activism and involvement from across the Houston area!  We’ll remember events past, talk to some of those who have been with us from the beginning, and take a look at the local and national scene.  So join us for the whole thing, or just drop by as you can!

Where:   Casa Grande 3401 N. Main 77009

When:   Saturday Feb. 27th

Time:   noon – 4 pm


To submit resolutions for consideration by the group, please submit them prior to Thursday February 25th via e-mail to:


Resolutions will be ranked at the event for discussion, and the top ideas will appear on the HTPS website and in e-mails for people to print off and take to their precinct convention on March 2nd. Please remember to keep your resolutions to one topic, and as brief as possible, so they stand a much better chance of passing.

Check out these Upcoming Events:

February 20 – 1 pm – Katy Tea Candidate Forum CD 10, CD 14, Harris County Republican Party Chair at Taylor High School
21 – 3 pm – Last session of Convention 101 – Spring Creek BBQ Hwy 6 at West Little York

22 – 6:30 pm – Harris County Republican Party Exec. Committee  Meeting (new precinct chairs should come watch!)

26 – Last Day of Early Voting
27 – Tea Party Anniversary and Resolutions Workshop
March 2 – Primaries and Primary Precinct Conventions

6 Responses to “Tea Party Anniversary!”

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  2. gpal

    I was dumbfounded to read what Felicia is quoted as saying in Feb 24th Houston Chronicle article that gay marriage & abortion are “driving away some tea party allies”. Secondly, she also states those two issues are less important than federal spending. If that mindset is driving the Tea Party movement, I want nothing to do with it & feel assured The Tea Party movement will not achieve its goals by turning away from basic moral principles. Futhermore, I will not hesitate to denegrate this movement amoungst my fellow Republicans. The Tea Party movement should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Josh

    I guess gpal wants to argue about social issues from under the bridge after his house is gone :)

  4. Southern Tragedy

    gpal: Personally, at this point in time, I’m more interested in less federal spending than gay marriage or abortion. They are not a top priority but spending is. Quit throwing out the baby with the bath water.

  5. David

    Gpal, Nothing is more important than stoping the spending of my childrens fortures and making them slaves of the state. I am personally against gay marriage and abortion but these are constitutionally states rights to handle.

  6. If we stick the the “we are a nation of laws” philosophy, AND we recognize our Creator as being a higher power than ourselves, amazingly so many of these social issues will take care of themselves. Objective tactics must be adhered to, or everyone nit-picks each other to death. That’s what I believe Felicia is referring to regarding the gay agenda, or whatever other social issue is the hot topic of the day. Reducing the size and scope of the Federal Government, reducing the outrageous federal spending, cutting the ever-rising federal taxes, and honoring the United States Constitution and Bill or Rights leaves very little room for argument for most Conservatives.

    Otherwise, Josh is correct. See you under the bridge!