Who is Mark Williams?

Monday, July 19, 2010
By Felicia Cravens

In case you missed it, days after the NAACP resolution calling for tea parties to condemn their racist elements, Mark Williams has been removed as a part of the National Tea Party Coalition. 

“Who?” you might well ask.

A little background:

Mark Williams was a principal in the Tea Party Express organization, organizer of the multiple bus tours across the nation.  The National Tea Party Federation allied itself with TPE and Williams some time ago, in its effort to build its own tea party coalition. 

You can look up all the partners, as well as Tea Party Patriots online to get a better feel of who’s who in the national tea party scene, but you also should know that the movement is really organized with a cell-like structure, with individual groups aligned with some, none, or all of the above-listed organizations.

So back to Mark Williams.  He has been a frequent spokesperson for the tea party on CNN and Fox News, seeming to help the Left make the case that the tea party is a racist organization.  We offer the links below to provide a sampling of the history, and the reaction to Williams’ ouster.  You be the judge.

Mark Williams’ blog post, captured and editorialized upon by another blogger:


A history of Mark Williams’ statements:


Tea Party Express financial information with payments to Mark Williams and his firm:


Huffington Post on Mark Williams’ background:


Our own original posting, referring to (but not naming) Williams and his outrageous behavior on the TPE tour:


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3 Responses to “Who is Mark Williams?”

  1. Sherrie

    I just read an article on American Thinker (www.americanthinker.com) from Lloyd Marcus that everyone should read… http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/07/race_roils_tea_party_movement.html

    …this is exactly what they want to do, divide us, and it appears to be working. :(

  2. josparke

    It’s not just this… People have had a problem with Mark Williams for a LONG LONG time, Sherrie. Finally the few people left that propped the guy up got a clue. If they hadn’t continued doing it after many people raised their objections over how big a fruit Williams was, there would not be a problem now. Good riddance!

  3. John Jameson

    Do we mourn the loss of our trash after we put the cans out on the curb? No, we keep our focus on keeping the house in order. The more we allow discussion to shift from putting our American house back in order, to the trash we threw out last week, the more our house will fall into disarray.