Something Fishy

Friday, April 17, 2009
By Felicia Cravens

It’s interesting, being in the middle of a movement.

You meet the most amazing, fantastic people, who give up a lot to make sure things get done and the movement goes forward.  You make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and find out just how amazing people are.

 Until you find out that some people just… aren’t.

 Since Josh and I began working on the Houston Tea Party at Discovery Green in February, we’ve struggled to do everything we could to coordinate with the national movement as headed by the internet activists who took Rick Santelli’s rant and ran with it.  The original plan was for 3 tea parties in 3 cities.  What happened on 2/27 was nothing short of a miracle.  Five hundred people in Houston!  Fifty cities!  All on the same day!  A movement was born.

But since then, one member of the unofficial Meetup (the one we separated from to form our own) has become increasingly suspicious.  This member has contacted our organization making veiled threats, and then not-so-veiled threats through other people, and suggesting his ownership of the name Houston Tea Party might prohibit us from doing business as the Houston Tea Party. 

I found out some interesting things. 

Here’s a look at a recent press release: (note the incorrect date) Follow the link on the press release, and explore that site, and compare that with the efforts stated in the press release.  This is how I learned not to trust press releases so much.

 Here’s a look at recent DBA filings in Harris County:

DBAs in Harris County

DBAs in Harris County












Isn’t it interesting?  One Dale Robertson has purchased DBA names for, among other things, Houston Tea Party, Texas Tea Party, Houston, TX Tea Party, and on and on.  But what really interests me is the next page:



DBAs in Harris County 2

DBAs in Harris County 2




He’s also purchased Houston 912 Project, The 912 Project, We Surround You Houston, We Surround Them Houston, and on and on.








 A pattern begins to emerge, one of a man bent on either controlling the names available for current movements in Harris County, or on extorting money from the leaders of these grassroots movements.  Apparently we irritated him when we registered the name Houston Tea Party SOCIETY, because he didn’t think to get that one.  I hear he is offering to sell the rights to the names to leaders of these movements. 



So, purportedly a self-described member of a movement that’s against sleazy opportunistic politicians is presenting himself as a sleazy opportunistic non-politician?

Personally, I think that’s a great capitalist idea, and I wish him luck with that. 

However, the threats of lawsuits and so forth do NOT sit well with me.  The lawyers affiliated with the Houston Tea Party Society are more than ready to take on challenges such as this, should the need arise.  We’ll continue as we have been, working hard to coordinate events and give people an opportunity to have their voices heard.  We just want to make it clear that there are some people who, perhaps, are in the business of something else when using a Tea Party name.


Addition from Josh: Just to remind people, these are public records.

We like to work with people, and do work some some amazing people who give a lot of their time, talent, and treasure to make this org run. However, we don’t appreciate people busting in, demanding to shake us down for cash,  trying to push their agendas onto us, or do things under our name and demanding we work with them and insulting us when we are hesitant. We then hear they are doing the same things to other groups.

It’s not that we’re prowertripping or against other teaparties in the area, we have great relationships with Woodlands, Sugarland, Tomball, etc… teaparties. We do however, have a recognized name we wish to protect. This does take a lot of managing and coordination and create consistency, and such things cause confusion and problems for us (as we’ll get loads of e-mails about it).

To set some records straight, this and this meetup groups, are NOT us, and we don’t know who this even is. 

This meetup site however is, and you can come here to help us brainstorm our next location.

If you’re asking to help us, do be patient, we’re having to do a lot of post party work now, we’re still working ourselves into exhaustion trying to keep this together, and the extra stuff doesn’t help.

Sorry to end this night on such a downer, but we’re tired of having to deal with it :( We’re not corporate lobbyists, we’re not paid for this. We are plugged into the national movement and working with the other big cities and have been here since the beginning, and will continue to do so.

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  1. Felicia Cravens

    For an example of how multiple groups keep adding to the confusion, we were getting e-mails on the DAY of the event asking why the protest had been moved from City Hall to the Plaza, and why the time had changed from noon to 4 p.m.

    That was AFA’s doing, when they sent out a blast to all their membership in the country, asking them to meet at the city halls of their towns at noon. While that’s a wonderful thing, to be able to see hundreds of cities participating in that, people were contacting us NONSTOP about location changes, for events that weren’t a part of our planning at all.

    There’s the best reason for having one group locally putting out one message: avoiding confusion with other events and other organizations, which we have to spend precious time clearing up. When your e-mail in-box has over 400 unread messages you don’t have time yet to read, much less respond to, you can’t really afford to be dealing with these issues as well.

  2. Josh

    AFA did help the movement grow when they jumped on board… but they did put a lot of confusion into it as well :S We had a national conference call trying to deal with it…

  3. Ed Sarlls

    When every Conservative organization is trying to be seen as part of the movement you know they see which way the wind is blowing. Of course they also include a link so you can donate :)

    When every Republican politician is trying to be seen as a part of the movement you know they are beginning to feel the heat.

    The challenge now is to wake up the Democrats. Most of them are still in awe of the One and cautious about a movement that has so many Republicans trying to claim credit for it.

    A note about your links above. The second NOT group was started by Paul Smith. He is a Libertarian Ron Paul supporter (not necessarily a bad thing – just not the focus of the Glenn Beck project) who had a disagreement with Thelma over email management on her Glenn Beck meetup group. He also tended to spam the group with Libertarian emails. Note also his reply to Dale’s comment linked above. Also note that Paul and Dale are assistant organizers of

    Looks like Dale spent some time at the Co. Clerk’s office. He registered 17 names on Monday and another 8 on Tuesday.

    This does NOT appear to be Dale Robertson the former Chronicle sports reporter.

    Apparently Dale has had the idea for a while:
    Domain Name:TEAPARTY.ORG
    Created On:02-Sep-2004 18:54:10 UTC
    Last Updated On:05-Apr-2009 00:31:29 UTC
    Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions Registrant Name:Dale Robertson

    Clips from Dale postings on the web site:

    Wed, Feb 25, 2009 at 4:53 AM
    I’m launching a new political party based on streamlining gov’t and adherence to the constitution. The party is the 1776 Tea Party (similar to the Boston Tea Party, resulting in the constitution). My plans is to draw the line down the middle, so to speak and because I’m moderate. The Party will represent the best of any ideological perspective and leave the rest. … There are more of us than of them.

    Sat, 28 Feb 2009 at 06:56:55 PM CST
    I’ve recently lost my job, but am retired Naval Officer and can survive a little while without a job.
    Patton said, it is better to take a good plan and violently execute it than a perfect plan, because perfect plan are never executed.

    He had regular updates on the web site until early March. Nothing new since then.

    I did see Dale’s sign at the Houston Tea Party.

  4. Roy

    Irony sucks, huh? This is the free market,no regulations, status quo business environment you so desperately want IN ACTION!

  5. Benito


    What are you talking about? These are the headaches that accompany any grassroots movement.

    Here’s what is going to happen. Because HoustonTPS has earned the official mantle of being the central organizer through MERIT. Its members will be on the look out for this Dale and look to educate and discredit his claims where they pop up.

    That will truly be free markets in action. It doesnt take a genius to see the real story and unfortunately for Dale he will be relegated to the equivalent of a fleamarket shop keep – hocking DBA’s at best, being ignored at worse.

  6. Josh

    We’ve had a lot of problems with the meetup groups… We have no control over them, though people complain about them a lot to us (and still do, mainly the spamming you spoke of and mailing list volume) and we had no control over it.

    Roy, a free market still requires a legal framework to protect the rights of the individual. It’s not anarchy.

  7. Dan R

    Felicia, Josh, and all the others,
    You did an absolutely FANTASTIC JOB!
    Just over 8,500… for a place set up for 3,500… We might need Reliant Stadium for the 4th of July… it seats 70,000… :)
    Well, what has happened is Middle America (That would be US, the WORKING CLASS) has finally woken up and is taking notice of what is going on.
    I’m sure y’all can handle any legal issues..
    Seems this old boy might be getting his behind into a legal mess…
    Hmmm, how do we find out exactly what he is planning, and expose him? Done correctly, that would go over very badly for him and his buddies… I’m sure he’ll read this, and I would *SUGGEST* he backs the hell off.

    This is grass roots, there is no money exchanged. I do not see any one in your group as an ‘opportunist’, seems to me you are doing this because we can all no longer just stand by and watch our Great Country spent into oblivion. We’ve got your back.
    Helluva job on the Tea Party…
    -Dan J Redimarker
    … you know who I am.

  8. Felicia Cravens

    Yes, exactly, Josh. Like I said, we wish him the best of luck with his “purchase and squat” plan, but it hasn’t affected us. When he goes after other groups who might not have the potential and resources to deal with him, that’s when the pattern starts to emerge.

    All we’re interested in is getting the facts out there. People are free to decide with whom they’d rather deal. We’re out front with what we are doing, and our meetings are attended by large numbers of people who, I am sure, would sound the alarm at the first sign of shadiness.

    It takes a lot of work and sacrifice to put together events of this magnitude.

    It takes a little less work to buy a website and a bunch of Assumed Names.

    And Dan, thanks for all your kind words; the rally was larger than we’d imagined, even with all the difficulty! I have a feeling the issue will settle itself out sooner rather than later, but we’re prepared in any event. We’re all over the next one, buddy!

  9. Mary Huls

    Felicia and Josh, and all others at Houston TPS…you did an awesome job on the Tea Party…we members of “We Surround Them Houston” and “912ers Houston” were proud to lend our voices to the cause. Many of our members are also members of your group. Yes, we are in a fight with Dale over the names, etc. but opportunist only win so far. We are in this for the long hard struggle, as are you. We look forward to working with your group as often as we can. But Dale, or any others like him will ot take this and turn our goals into something so sad and so low that it mimics the leftist-extremists.

  10. Thomas & Maria

    Dale Robertson of the Chronicle? How hard would it be to start a national boycott of the Chronicle. I think most are already fed up with their biased left wing reporting.

  11. Josh

    No, not the one of the chronicle… A different guy. He’s been coming to our events and we’ve figured out who he is.

  12. David Bush

    re: Dale Robertson – Please, please, please understand this. The conservatives in this country do not seem to understand and appreciate the Communist method – They use this method over and over and over. They try to intimidate their opponents thru this type of endless ploy – and they are well financed. They will attend meetings and disrupt them with continuous questions and interruptions – until they drive off the core membership – and then they will take over the offices and vote themselves in. WE MUST REMAIN STRONG AND VIGILANT. They will try to erode us slowly and inexorably thru continued attacks like this one. We have to recognize the tactic and learn to block it without letting them wear us down. The “LEFT” are using the Communist play book. I first learned of these tactics in junior high school – in the early 1960′s. I have seen it over and over and over again. Today’s Republican has succumbed to thru a lack of understanding and appreciating how this tactic is used. Please study your enemy and his tactics, then use them to defeat him.

  13. Felicia,

    I have not threaten you. I sent you and email before and we were suppose to get together after the 15 April event. I see many slanderous comments here and you and your organizations can be held liable, if necessary. While you may spin these topics anyway you like, that is your choice. You have no legal structure and you used Aaron Boone who set up the Meetup Site. As you well know that I registered the Tea Party prior to Rick Santani comment. I have not benefitted nor try to sell any rights to anything. I’m a retired Naval Officer who have lived my life defending this nation. I heard good reports about you and was hoping that we would not need to take any legal actions. If you are genuine then quit making misleading comments and I would like to meet with you and your committee. If you continue to show poor judement then you committee will see your true colors. I hope you are honorable and will work with me. I have retained a copy of this for my records. Please do not modify my words, misrepresent me or my intentions. Dale Robertson, TeaParty Founder

  14. anon

    Dale Robertson
    (832) 688-8042
    10807 Kleberg Place Dr.
    Houston, TX 77064

    Note: This is public information, found on the web that matching the info used on the DBA

  15. LTRANSCRIPTION of portion of Glenn Beck Show Hour 3 with "Dale"

    TRANSCRIPTION of portion of Glenn Beck Show Hour 3 with “Dale”

    BECK: Let me go to Dale, listening to us in Houston, Texas KTRH, Hello Dale

    DALE: Hey Glenn, I’m the tea party founder at I started back in December and I was protesting by myself in Washington and I heard you start your plea at that time to get our nation back. And so basically I developed a plan, I know everyone is talking about a plan but the real thing I thinik that FOX has mentioned this a long time ago that if you gave the money to the people to liberate them financially you’d restore our nation and uh I kinda take it from the Bible where Nehemiah in chapter 5 says restore his people. and you know the Jews weren’t supposed to charge each other interest. and so the biggest thing if you restore the nation’s people and I was also a financial advisor for the Navy, I’m a retired Naval officer and also for Merill Lynch that uh bascially you get people out of debt and you know they can start contributing to the economy, you would create jobs throughout the economy instead of giving to the select few in New York or DC uh

    BECK: Dale, you’re exactly right. But now we have a government that is preaching the exact opposite. I guess that’s why you’ve been out in the streets months before anybody on CNBC said “oh, we should have a tea party”., uh, I’ll look it up .

  16. Ed Sarlls

    More interesting info regarding Dale Robertson’s web presence.
    Note that he owns 285 domains!
    I wonder how many of those were purchased in the last few weeks.
    This says he paid $4688 for the domain. It also shows today’s date. Fishy ;)

    It was on the for sale list until recently.*/

    Here is the page from 2005:

    It sounds like Dale had an idea to create the 1776 Tea Party as a political party a while back. He is a Veteran and a Patriot who is frustrated with what is happening to our country. I think we all share that frustration. He supported the Ron Paul campaign. I like some (but not all) of what Ron Paul says, too.

    Then Rick Santelli commented about the need for something like the 1773 Boston Tea Party to wake up Washington to their spending problem. Rick’s comment became a catalyst that released the already boiling blood of many Patriots and mobilized over a million people so far.

    I don’t think anyone cares much about Dale using 1776 Tea Party or for his political party. If he want’s to build a party, he is welcome to all the followers he can attract.

    The objection is to his demanding rights to all uses of the phrase Tea Party. This phrase has been in common public use for over 200 years. There are a couple of businesses in Houston, and I’m sure many across the country, that have been using this phrase for years. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t think creating a DBA in one county to a phrase in such common use provides much cover for other’s incorporating that phrase as part of their name.

    Then there is the claim of “Founder of the Tea Party”. This is an attempt to deceive people into joining his political party. While Dale is the founder of the “1776 Tea Party” and, he is nothing more than a participant in the Tea Party movement. Issuing a self-proclaiming press release claiming “Tea Parties who are now uniting under the ’1776 Tea Party,’” is similarly misleading and an attempt to claim the authority to direct anything related to the Tea Party movement.

    Then Dale bought many DBA’s totally unrelated to his 1776 Tea Party but related to the 9/12 We Surround Them movement started by Glenn Beck. Is this so he can try to force someone already using the phrase into purchasing it from him? Is it an attempt to take over what someone else has built? Is it an attempt to trick more followers of other related movements into joining Dale’s movement?

    Everywhere I look it appears Dale is only interested in himself. Dale could have choosen to work with the Tea Party movement instead of attacking it’s organizers and trying to trick the Tea Party followers into joining his cause. But he didn’t.

    I appreciate Dale’s service to our country. I appreciate his passion to make a difference. I have compassion for his employment challenges in today’s market. I wish him well with his “1776 Tea Party” and web site.

    Perhaps Dale is used to commanding people to follow him from his military service. That’s not how thing’s work in public life, though. Leadership positions are earned through service not commanded by presence.

    I like what Mike DeGrosky wrote about leadership at:

    Leadership is a process â?? not a person, not personality traits, not the behaviors â?? but a process that leaders and followers engage in together.

    The essence of leadership lies in the process of influencing. Let’s say that influence means one person’s actions designed to change another person’s attitudes, beliefs, values or behavior. Without influence we can’t exercise leadership.

    The process of influencing can’t occur without relationships between people that make that influence possible. I use the term â??interactiveâ?? to show these influence relationships as being mutual, reciprocal and multi-directional. In other words, followers influence leaders, leaders influence followers, and peers influence each other.

    The words â??leaderâ?? and â??followerâ?? are conspicuous by their absence in my definition. Specifically including those terms can erroneously imply fixed roles or fixed positions. In today’s organizations, hierarchical structures largely have given way to team structures with more than one leader. More importantly, I firmly believe that in any one leadership relationship, followers become leaders and leaders become followers depending on the situation. So in my definition of leadership, I just go with â??people.â??

  17. Ed Sarlls

    Yes, Dale’s address and phone are published. Remember the Golden Rule – If you would not want him to do to you what you’re thinking about doing to him, don’t do it. I don’t think anything positive can come from that.

  18. Josh

    Yeah, you’re right, we can probably remove it :S

    Basically, we have no problem with him doing things for his political party as long as he clarifies he’s not part of us. What we do have a problem with is them trying to co-opt our work or act as if the organized the past 2 events.

    They have a meetup group where they talk as if they are us which just confuses people This is NOT us, but people are going there thinking it IS us, just look at the message board’s craziness.

    He showed up to the first event with an inappropriate sign, and came to the second, snuck in a booth by lying to an organizer, then passed out his signs that said “Houston Tea Party” with HIS website at the bottom.

    He’s free to do what he wants, but we want to be left alone. Impersonating us just makes our work harder.

  19. Hi Josh,

    The purpose of the Houston Tea Party meetup is clearly specified in the welcome message and that is supported by the meetup events from several different meetup groups, including the Houston Tea Party Society when requested, around the region on our calendar.

    > They have a meetup group where they talk as
    > if they are us

    This comment is the reason for my post. I monitor the Houston Tea Party meetup closely and I know of nothing that implies we are ‘you’.

    That said, please understand that Felicia was the only Assistant Organizer for the HTP meetup for a period of time. The owner was not happy with the direction Felicia took with the meetup and choose to replace her. That is likely the origin of your misunderstanding since anything on the site prior to about April 6 occurred on her watch.

    As a matter of fact, here is one email which I intentionally left on the Houston Tea Party that was left by a Houston Tea Party Society member to help differentiate us. . .

    “Posted Apr 10, 2009 8:06 AM
    The organizers of the Houston Tea Party have set up their own official Meetup…

    I will, within reason, remove any messages on the site that Felicia feels are now inappropriate or are causing confusion.

    Finally, it is not unusual for there to be ‘complications’ during the formation of any organization – especially one of this size that forms in such an organic fashion. I am doing my best to stay out of the fray and I’m disappointed that it has become so public in nature. As usual, it is polarizing and people who haven’t the vaguest idea of the details spout false ‘facts’ and accusations which only inflames a difficult situation. I hope that things get resolved, that we can all put this behind us and that we can then get on with the process of reclaiming our country from an increasingly repressive and tyrannical government very soon.

  20. Josh

    Paul, You’ve labeled yourself the “Coordinator of the Houston Tea Party” on the message board

    You are recruiting people for help, what for?

    You are talking about the next location for our event and other events under the title of of Houston Tea Party Coordinator

    You are impersonating an organizer with our organization and we’d appreciate it if you stop.

    The Meetup Group IS NOT this group. We found the meetup site and tried to work with it’s creator. He cannot replace us because we are coordinating this event. He doesn’t even live in this state, he only works to purposely undermine us. If he will not work with us he should not be running a meetup site under our name.

    It has to do with the perception. People are there thinking you are us and you are taking advantage of it and them.

    You’re free to run your own meetup group, just make sure it’s clear that you have nothing to do with us.

  21. Paul Smith

    You are correct, Josh, ‘we’ are not ‘you’ just as ‘we’ are not any of the dozen or so other meetup groups in the region and just as ‘you’ are not any of the dozen or so other meetup groups in the region. We are, however, all working toward the same goals and, given the amount of work to be done, there is plenty of room for everyone.

    Felicia and her organization did a remarkable job of planning and executing the major Tea Party at Jones plaza in a very short period of time. I was very impressed. It was not, however, the only Tea Party in the region that day. Regardless of what you call yourselves, you are but one organization putting on Tea Parties and there is nothing ‘official’ about any of us. That said, I look forward to the next mega-Tea Party y’all put together.

    Now can we please quit the bickering (expecially in public) and just get back to the job of fixing this country?

  22. Robert

    So let me get this straight, is the only organization or group in Houston that is allowed to plan, organize or work with others in the tea party movement. And anyone that is trying to be active on their own is getting in the way and you would like them to stop. That makes sense from a capitalist perspective. That’s why you told people they couldn’t sell t-shirts at your event, because you wanted to sell them and make as much money as possible off your protesters. Your right something is fishy about that.

  23. I regret that I must comment here again. I have made attempts to contact Felicia but she continues to behave in a very erratic way. As a Christian, we are supposed to behave in a way that bring honor to God and Country. I do not see that here. The next step as a Christian is to take this before church leadership, but the church hands are tied due to separation of church and state. The last recourse is judicial, so everything is being documented and this will probably go to court.
    I have not profited from this endeavor. I’m more than willing to make my bank accounts available the question is Felicia willing to do the same. I’ve sold all my securities used all my savings and place every penny I have into this endeavor. Prior to the world excitement, I stood alone at the Whitehouse and Congress. Though I risk everything, it will be small in comparison to our Founding Fathers and God (Jesus). I will survive just as our grandparents did through the depression. I’m the only one with a plan that will store this nation within a few months. Redirect the money to Families not corrupt politicians and businesses that destroy our nation Corporation and seek to destroy our life savings and ability to earn a living. This will provide approximately $78,000 per family and once they complete the financial class, provide a perfect credit score. Our time is being wasted by this twisted web of lies. I believe in Americans and even though we have this setback we can overcome together.
    I’m skilled in many Disciplines: Schools (1981-Diamond Hill-Jarvis Fort Worth, TX; 1990-Engineering Degree Southwest College San Diego, CA; 1993-Political Science Degree University of Washington Seattle, WA); Soldier/Sailor (Marine& Navy), Commissioned Supply Officer 1993; Engineering(Highest Engineering grade by Naval Personnel in Southern California under EEAP program, Navy’s Nuclear Program & Oil Field Electrical Engineer; Finance(Merrill Lynch); Accounting, Budgeting & Logistics (Naval Supply Officer); Politics(2nd Degree: Major – Political Science, Constitutional Law); Project Coordinator (Navy, Fortune 100 Companies, Oil Field ). If I’m a liar I would not divulge this information. I can’t allow you to continue to weave the web of lies. I expect you to delete this file. A person of integrity will stand by the principles that are easy to say, but hard to live by. I spent my life living by the things that you recently espouse. By the way my weapons are truth and the pen, if that is too right wing and militant for you than put me on your watch list as a terrorist threat. Oh, I’m a retired Military Naval Officer. Every program I participated in requires extensive screening and integrity. When you try to discredit me you are discrediting every man and woman serving our nation. I’m an honest person and a patriot, screen my career and those who know me personally you will be hard pressed to find anyone to stand with your assertion. I’ve spent my life time devoted to the principles that is stirring the hearts of America today. Can my accusers handle the same level of scrutiny?
    I’m not sure who Felicia Cravens is, but your tactics are similar to those that you hate. If you are recklessness due to your passion I understand and willing to forgive and work with you. However, if your motives are anything other than honorable then you will take everyone down with you. You are no different than a Muslim willing to commit atrocities and feeling that the end justifies the means (Sounds like a Politician – destroying our Nation). I say we should unite to restore The Constitution & families: that is $78,000 per household and give a onetime restoration of a perfect credit score. High taxes and interest are the Financial Demons tools to enslave mankind. Scripture says the beast has 10 heads, when America severs this head we will no longer be possessed. We will achieve the dream our Founding Fathers who risk everything to put in place. Felicia what have you risk other than a few weeks. You basis is petty and I will not quit when you have no alternative plan to save our nation. I can only see your judgment is tainted by restoring your own financial security with something you did not start. The records do not lie. If I do go to court the judge and jury will not be easily persuaded by public opinion. If you could not afford to provide $800 for an event, then where has all this money comes from? I would guess the Houston Tea Party. When was The Houston Tea Party Society registered with Harris County? Where did your founding come from? Why did you use Houston Tea Party sign in sheets for registering people (hum). Sounds like a legal case to me. You and your committee can continue to play this game of smoke and mirrors, but I will not allow you to threaten me by getting the mob riled up to publically to lynch me and physically harm my family (especially when I have not harmed anyone). It is not right for you to provide information on me that will likely drive someone to my house and harm my family. I would not endanger your family and at best I believe that your passion has gotten the better of you. The truth is very clear and if your board examines your life as your ask them to examine me and if and when they support you, then I will include them in the Law Suit as a result of your actions. The truth can be determined by the rule or Law through by the justice system not a lynch mob. I could say more but that will come at great cost to this movement and the perpetuators of these slanderous remarks.
    Dale Robertson
    Tea Party & Houston Tea Party Founder

  24. Peg M


  25. Mr_Unexpected


    While I understand and can appreciate your position as well as Josh and Felicia’s, judging by this thread, it would appear to this reader, who has “no skin this particular game” other than to support the cause we all seek, I do think you have caused some confusion as well some undeserved intimidation in regards to this particular group.

    It would appear you seek financial retribution as some form of satisfaction and/or vindication to “your cause”. To me, that does have an odor of “smelly fish”.

    Although you have made it quite apparent you seek to “work in unison”, sir, you are doing the exact opposite. Threats of talk of legal retaliation, transparently exhibited by your intimidation in your comments is hardly “working in unison”.

    Having said that, while acknowledging your career in our nation’s military, as well as your rush to be noted as the leader, founder and singular voice of this movement, I do find your course of action and your harsh rhetoric somewhat misplaced. (“slanderish acts”?) In fact, it seems more than petty. It lends itself to division and nothing more than a dog and pony show, as well as someone who is not unified in this grass roots effort.

    Finally, if you are more than convinced you expect to be vindicated “in court” by a judge and jury and “not popular opinion”, I suggest you follow through with your threat.

    However, if you so choose to do so, realize you will indeed find yourself in the Courts of Harris County for an extended length of time , therefore diverting your time, effort, financial resources and most importantly, your reputation. I can assure you, I, along with my attorney(s), will see to that. I need not divulge anymore than that.

    As usual, any legal effort in the Civil Courts can, and is, both expensive and time consuming.

    I wish you well in your effort, but you are out of line and quite frankly, derailing the very movement, the core of your cause.

    In closing, I am sure you will agree, it is in the best interests of ALL, to put this matter to rest as it does no more than to diminish and undermine the message and action BOTH groups seek.

    If in the future, if something can be done to reconcile the partisanship that has unfortunately reared it’s ugly head, it would be welcomed by all.

    In the meantime, give credit where credit is due and take credit where credit is due.
    Stop the bickering and your claim to whatever it is you seek to be recognized for. Get on about the business of making this a unified, nationwide effort.

    With Kind Regards.


  26. Peg M

    Mr. Unexpected:

    WooT! Thanks for stepping up. You addressed this chest-beating person better than I could have.

    As a litigation paralegal, I offer up my services in any way that can be useful to Houston Tea Party Society and/or Felicia.

  27. I did not attack anyone on Glen Beck Show, I did attack anyone any where. I’m being attack and it is hard to believe a organization who attacks every who is not with them. I’ve worked with Large Corporation and the mismanagement of them is always connected to leadership. If your organization is righteous then why did they start this character assination attempt. I do not want any more slanderous accusations against me. If you are noble than be noble. To thy self be true. I answer to God and myself. I’m not Christ but Jesus was rejected by all. Who cares that I’m call myself the Tea Party, Founder. It is customary for leaders of an organization to do that. If they was not a crowd I would be standing in the street of Houston protesting. Everyone of you would still be home enjoying dinner or time with there children. Why is this group so incendary with other people. I made no scene at the rally and will continue to do what I started before anyone else, but quit behaving badly. The wicked seems right to everyone unless they are question. No one thinks I’m right and no one has even consider an alternative, such as working together. Please use your business and efforts by your name, but not by a name that I registered long before anyone thought they could profit from it.

  28. TopGun


    With all of this talk about lawsuits, it is apparent you are here looking to secure financial funds.

    How much money do you need from Felicia for you to go away?

  29. JLM

    anyone ever hear of something called a “word salad”? that’s what i just read. a word salad, from someone who sounds mentally unstable to say the least.

  30. Mr_Unexpected


    First. If you intend to make a coherent point, I would suggest you proof-read your comment. (A bit fast on the trigger there my friend). Or at least use spell-check. (Didn’t they teach you that at “Large Corporation”?) You’ve boasted about your credentials more than enough.

    To the point. Your selfish grandstanding will serve only to further diminish your name as well as your effort. You use phrases such as “everyone of you would still be home enjoying dinner or time with there,(sic) children” and “the wicked seems right to everyone unless they are question,(sic)”.

    I believe those who founded this great country of ours would be amused by your “claim to fame”. I certainly don’t see that on the founders of’s part.

    They (we) are simply trying to bring about real change by assembling the folks of Houston, Harris County and all who wish to participate by forming this movement. I haven’t seen one instance of acting maliciously, much less “competing” with you.

    It seems as if you truly are harboring some type of ill conceived notion that the organizers are acting in a way as to slander and/or incite some type of rivalry.

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    If your argument is “stop using”, it is clear you have not the rights, nor the stage for such a petty matter. In fact, they are acting in a lawful and legal manner.

    A far as your concern about any funds derives from this endeavor, to be blunt about it, it’s none of your business. I trust they are using whatever funds have been gained, are going right back into their group for any “associated costs”.

    It appears “funds derived from use of name” is your primary concern. That smacks of deception on your part.

    I would ask you to cease and desist from furthering this action that seems to be only in the mind of one.

    If you do, in fact, have proof you have registered, with The Harris County Clerk’s office, any domain name registering entity, and/or any other county within Texas, the name,, please produce the documents to support your claim.

    Otherwise Mr. Robertson, put it to rest. It will get you nowhere. And fast too.

    With Kind Regards.


  31. Mr_Unexpected

    Goodnight all.

  32. J. Bounds

    Dale: Let me ask you this: What tea party did you organize for April 15th?

    FYI: In my opinion, it is Rick Santelli that is the “founder” of these tea parties. Not you.

    You, sir, are looking like a fool.

  33. Josh


    Robert: There were two others allowed to sell shirts. And Jones Plaza charged us a booth fee for anyone selling things. We secured the venue and had the right to give these out as we saw fit, and the vendors covered the booth fee we were charged. That said, some people did sneak in and did booth activities that got by as we were busy with other things, and we were charged for it.

    We secured the Venue and paid for it and had the right to distribute these as we saw fit. The money we accrued from merchandise went to fund the event. No one is getting rich off this, it actually COSTS us money. We raised funds through ourselves, donations, and merchandise, and do not profit from it.

    Paul and Robert: We work and coordinate with the other area Tea Parties and give each other respectable space, and clarify that we are separate operations. Our conflict with you Paul, is you seem to respect neither. We’ve repeatedly asked that you make greater efforts to differentiate and distance yourself from us and you have not. The goals that you and Dale have is towards his political party, which is incompatible with our goals and we choose to not associate with it.

    Dale: It’s professional for people to clarify their organization if there is confusion. You do not. You run a political party, we run event organizing. You even put out a press release to try to take credit for the national events. We have given sufficient claim that we are not associated with you, and you do not, and repeatedly contact us trying to gain access to the platform and audience despite that we have repeatedly shown disinterest. You then try to register the names of other organizations and attempt to force the same on them.

    And to your claim that you have not caused a scene at our events. At the Feb 27th one, you showed up with a sign with the N-word on it and a flag that went over the line and did cause a scene with that when people confronted you on it. At the April 15th event you lied to an organizer to get a booth space we did not agree on while we were too busy to follow up, and distributed your signs and incurred a booth fee on us you did not pay for. We have also been in contact with the other groups you have angered who say you do similar things at their events as well. We need to watch out for the other attendees, and if you engage in this behaviour which ruins everyone else’s experience, it assures that you will not be welcome at future events.

    You are free to run your own operation. We simply have asked that your do your part to clarify the difference and stop asking us to join your cause and capitalizing on our efforts, as yours is incompatible with ours. We will leave you alone when you leave us alone.

  34. Sethnavajo

    Josh and all,

    It’s time to lay off Dale. Dale’s movement and goals are very different than the goals of the national Tea Party movement. His Tea Party organization is structured in a significantly different way and his philosophy is a little different from ours.


    Your decision to resort to legal threats is silly, as your claims are weak. As a lawyer, I can tell you that you have absolutely no claim. At this point, the Houston Tea Party Society has not made any legal effort to prevent you from calling yourself head of the Houston Tea Party. But you must realize that when you make such a claim, others believe you led the organization that brought out 11,000 people on April. Thus far, I have not seen any purposeful attempt of yours to deceive others into believing that it was your effort and ingenuity that led to such a fantastic event on April 15th. However, if you do present yourself in this manner, the Houston Tea Party Society can successfully win a suit against you for fraud.

  35. Josh

    Honestly, I want to just forget about this too… Hopefully this ends it…

  36. Concerned Citizen


    If you give everyone $78,000 it decreases the value of the dollar. If you eliminate previous credit card debit from everyone, you ruin the credit card companies, loan companies, financial institutions, and essentially the economy. If you decrease the value of the dollar and eliminate credit card debt, you have taken apart the fabric of what capitalism is and everything America has stood for.

    So, if you take apart everything that capitalism is and everything America is, regardless of your military service, doesn’t that make you anti-American?

    Your life experiences, degrees, schools, and jobs have nothing to do with your arguments.

    The fact that you are calling Felicia out on her supposed “lack of Christianity” seems a bit hypocritical when you have seemed to deceive others about your views and ideas.

    You, sir, have not provided any proof that you have founded anything other than a website and filed (quite) a few DBAs.

    Also, if you are so interested in only Tea Party, why have you registered the names of all the 9-12 groups in Texas/Houston? That has nothing to do with your “1776 Tea Party” or the ideas behind your separate political party. I’m sure to most that would seem a form of cyber-squatting, cheating, and deceiving (not exactly Christian views).

    So Dale, I ask as a concerned citizen, that you desist in your attempts to defame the national and local organizers of the recent Tea Parties and simply continue your efforts to pursue your dreams without crossing paths with the Houston Tea Party Society again.

  37. I do not want to discuss this further through third parties. I did not start this string of attacks. Isat quitely and continued with my plan. I had no intention of buy all these other urls, but different leaders who where buying these urls gave me the idea. They and you had your own plans and excluded me first and began attacking me. Third parties do not have all the information, but only hear say. Little of that is based on fact. I how could have purchase the site in 2004 and recently paid more than $5000 dollars for the url on Feb 4, 2009. I have documents for everything and I’m not beating my chest. Felicia I will ask you here before your peers please contact me. If you do not contact me, I just ask your return everything that is connected to the Houston Tea Party. I wish you well with the Houston Tea Party Society since your inception as of 9 April 2009. Please ask your zealots to cease using my name and being offended when I attend rallies and speak on public forums. I will not stir hatred toward you as you move forward with the Houston Tea Party Society endeavors. I wish you well, I will continue my fight to restore The Constitution and American Families. I do ask that you and your board contact me.

    Dale Robertson

  38. Brad Grissom


    You continue to string messages together telling everyone how you’ve been done wrong. However, when I read your posts most of the threats, and accusations are coming from you. I would be more than happy to write you a check today that will reimburse you for lost savings that you’ve sunk into “your endeavor.” if you’ll quit posting these rather lengthy and absurd strings.

    All you talk about is how you’ve been done wrong, what you could have done, what you should have done, and what you are going to do. We all know you’ve been wronged Dale, that’s very clear.

    As someone that served this country, and stood on the front line I find your conduct deplorable. I’ve yet to meet anyone through my years on active duty, and beyond that behaves as you do.

    If you were in the military,I would suggest you send these messages your prior commanding officers,I’m sure they would proud to see how you’ve turned out.

  39. [...]  4.  We addressed some issues involving him back in April.  Here it is on our website, where Mr. Robertson himself comments: [...]

  40. Agent McFed

    “Congress = Slaveowner, Taxpayer = Niggar”-
    Dale Robertson


    This guy seems legit.

  41. how can Mr. Robertson have an “engineering degree” from “SouthwestCollege” in San Diego when Southwestern college” there is a 2 year school?

    How can he be a bigshot with Merrill Lynch when the only Dale Robertson who is a bigshot at Merrill Lynch transferred to the UK a couple years ago?

    Not my business: I’m a Democrat and think you all are paranoid.

  42. [...] tea party activists in Robertson’s Houston hometown say they had booted him out of their tea party rally on February 27, 2009, after he showed up with a sign comparing taxpayers to “niggar.” The [...]

  43. [...] tea party activists in Robertson’s Houston hometown say they had booted him out of their tea party rally on February 27, 2009, after he showed up with a sign comparing taxpayers to “niggar.” The [...]

  44. Hello to all of you in the great state of Texas. I thought I would drop you all a line on Mr. Dale Robertson. My organization was a participant in the National Liberty Summit in Washington DC this past December and the goal was to bring together leaders of Conservative organizations and grassroots from all over the country.

    At the summit, we met Dale Robertson who immediately begin to claim that he founded this entire movement and went on and on about his intelligence and background. It was unbelievable. Dale continued to “inform” the rest of us that ALL of the other tea party groups and 9-12 groups were nothing but “usurpers” and that they will be dealt with in time.

    In his mind, the only solution to any of our problems was for all of our groups to just give up and join him. The nerve this guys has, we are not talking about a bunch of little 50 people groups at this summit. There were groups such as OathKeepers, FAIRTAX NATION, American Uprising inc., the National 912 Project, Gun Owners of America, National Center for Constitutional Studies, etc. They should all just fold and join his little group…..but it didn’t quite work out that way.

    Even though this summit was supposed to be a private, no press, invitation only event, Dale Robertson shows up on the first day with a television crew to interview him and begins some rant about how the Republican party of Texas has stolen $16 million of his donations.

    Long story short, our committee called him out on his claims and he disappeared for the rest of the event.

    Like I said, I had never heard of this clown until that summit. About an hour ago I saw the article about him on Big and about fell over. Anyway, I just thought I would let all of you know that you are not the only ones he is attempting to con.

    I wish all of you luck and hope your turn outs this year are fantastic!

  45. Flame

    Excellent record of events. I try to keep with Houston area since my brother lives in Pearland.

  46. [...] of time in American history that no longer exists. While the Tea Party is fissured and indulged in petty factional spats for control, its core beliefs are outlined at the web site [...]

  47. By and large I do not post comments on blogs, but I would like to mention that this article has compelled me to do so! Thank you for your perceptive article.

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  51. [...] The Houston Tea Party Society explains how Robertson bought the rights to as many Tea Party group names as possible in Harris County, Texas, and threatened lawsuit when folks complained. quotes the following from Robertson: “You are no different than a Muslim willing to commit atrocities and feeling that the end justifies the means (Sounds like a Politician – destroying our Nation). I say we should unite to restore The Constitution & families: that is $78,000 per household and give a onetime restoration of a perfect credit score. High taxes and interest are the Financial Demons tools to enslave mankind. Scripture says the beast has 10 heads, when America severs this head we will no longer be possessed.” [...]

  52. Angleesh Teechur

    I totted Dale how to uze Angleesh reel gud. He wuz my besterest stoodunt.

  53. Dwayne Collins, D.V.M.

    Concerning Dale Robertson:
    We had him come to East Texas last year to help us start a TEA Party in Van Texas. I met and talked with him at length at which time he gave me a written manifesto. After listening to him addresses the rally and claim he was the one responsible for the National TEA Party movement and give a sob story of his sacrifices to do such, I was needless to say under impressed. After reading his manifesto I was convinced he was an opportunist and a nut job. What amazed me was that for the longest I was receiving regular e-mails from him that is until I send out an e-mail of my own warning people to beware. All of a sudden there were no more Tea Party/Tea Party e-mails. My advice is to steer clear, he tarnishes the image of our movement.
    Dwayne Collins, D.V.M.
    Chairman Edom Tea Party